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 Are you looking for serious professional and scientific support for your own genealogical
 Would you like to investigate your family‚Äôs history but are prevented by the German script or
    you have no idea which method would be the most efficient?
 Have you reached a dead end in your own genealogical research?

 Then the specialists of the Association of German-speaking Professional Genealogists are the
    right people for you (see service).

We are

an association whose members are professional genealogists working in those geographical regions in which German is or has been spoken.

We are committed

  • to the adherence to a set of mandatory standards, which are in accordance with international norms
  • to the diligent processing of requests
  • to the production of verifiable reports with comprehensive reference lists

We offer you

  • longstanding experience in genealogical research
  • research in all types of archives: church, municipal (town, city), state as well as those belonging to noble families and to private individuals
  • migration research (emigration / immigration)
  • support with your own research (see service)
  • IT-supported processing and publication of research results (e.g. in the form of ancestor charts, genealogical tables or family trees)
  • research in national and international databasesli>
  • transcription and translation of old documents

The Association

  • represents its members to the broader public
  • contributes to furthering the qualification of professional genealogists
  • promotes communication and professional cooperation between qualified genealogists
  • promotes a uniform professional profile
  • strengthens genealogy as a historical discipline
  • cooperates with archives and other genealogical organizations

Our Service
Each of our members is specialized in genealogical research within a particular region and/or in a specific, in part, spatially independent theme. For those seeking professional assistance but do not know who they should approach, we provide a facilitating service, whereby a query is sent on to one or more specialists who may be suitable for the particular region or theme in question. This ensures that you will be placed into contact with a genealogist who is guaranteed to have a suitable standard of reliability and scientific competence.

If you are interested in becoming a member of our association, please go to our wanted page.

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