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Dr. Poehlmann, Thomas


Dr. Thomas Poehlmann

Albert-Lortzing-Str. 3
D-95111 Rehau

fon: +49 9283 818588

mail: info@genealogie-poehlmann.de
web: www.genealogie-poehlmann.de

Since 1979 research for the own ancestors mainly in Upper Franconia, in Silesia (nowadays Poland) and in Austrian Silesia (nowadays Czech Republic); for some years I offer genealogical contract research for clients mainly from the English speaking countries (USA).

Excellent knowledge of genealogical sources in Upper Franconia and neighbouring areas (Upper Palatinate, Middle Franconia), in Silesia as well as in Bohemia, Moravia and Austrian Silesia. Research in central archives of parish registers (e.g., in archive of Archbishopric in Bamberg, in archive of the Protestantic Church in Nuremberg), in local parish archives, in State’s Archives (e.g. in Munich, Bamberg, Nuremberg, Amberg) and in municipal archives. In Upper Franconia the records are normally reaching back to the Thirty Years’ War (mid of 17th century), often back to the 16th century, in some cases even back to the late 14th century. In contrast the research in Silesia is suffering from the massive losses and demolition at the end of World War II (especially of the Protestantic parish registers). In Czech Republic the situation is quite better, research in Bohemia, Moravia and Austrian Silesia is often possible back to the 17th century.

Beneath genealogy I am working on other historical subjects; I published two sources from Late Middle Ages (the oldest property descriptions of the district of Bayreuth, dated 1398 resp. 1421/24) and some essays about Upperfranconian history. I am holding workshops about reading old scripts from the 14th to the 19th century. Since 1980 I am member of the Historical Society of Upper Franconia.

If you need assistance in your genealogical research in the Bavarian districts of Upper Franconia, Upper Palatinate and Middle Franconia, in Silesia (nowadays Poland) or the former German speaking areas of Bohemia, Moravia and Austrian Silesia (nowadays Czech Republic), be it research or transcription of register entries or deeds, please contact me to get an offer.

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